From Philippines to anywhere in the world, there’s one for everyone!

In 1987, the first Tapa King was born along Gallardo Street in Makati. The idea was to give customers a rice meal alternative to hamburgers, hotdogs and pizza – the real Pinoy  comfort food that is filling and reminds you of your favorite home-cooked meals.

From a humble aim of providing a homestyle food option in the clutter of fast food restaurants, Tapa King is now one of the top Pinoy favorites. With quality products and appealing service, the brand expands its reach as it continues to open branches not just in local destinations, but all over the world.

Now with a new business model known as the Budget Tapa King, affordable but good food is now within the reach of every Filipino.


  • To provide exceptional QSR food quality and customer satisfaction to everyone.
  • To bring pride and joy to Filipinos around the world by offering them a Filipino brand that is far superior than any other brand.


  • To make the Filipino favorite tapa accessible regionally and globally.
  • To be recognized globally as the original Filipino favorite comfort food.

The Team

Julius Magallanes, Jr.
President, Tapa King, Inc.

The entire Tapa King community moves forward with one thing in mind – continuous growth. With Julius Magallanes, Jr., a proud MBA graduate from The University of Western Australia, as the man leading and ensuring the brand’s growth.

Julius’ passion for food service started in his younger days when he helped his mom in their bakery and fast food business. As he led this family business to great expansion, he ventured into the corporate world. Julius took important roles under several multi-national companies that made his skills and capabilities stronger.

Julius is committed in propelling Tapa King as a global brand, that’s why he tapped into the expertise of several specialists to put Tapa King on the map.

Ginny De Guzman
R&D Head

Ginny continuously finds ways and means to improve on current Tapa King offerings and create new products to keep the restaurant abreast of current food trends and give our customers more food choices to enjoy, at the same time keeping a fresh cost-effective menu in place.

Ginny ran Sugarhouse for 25 years. These days she happily cooks for family and friends and busies herself with consultation works. She runs a small artisanal pastry shop and commissary called Gustare where she tests her food ideas. She has authored four (4) books, the most recent one “Bake Me A Cake.”

Monete Noel
Customer Service Head Trainer

With her 37 years experience as an in- flight service crew trainer for one of the major airlines in the country, Monnette is here to make sure that the Tapa King crew delivers the Tapa King brand experience to its customers in every visit.

Monnette is a High Flyer Awardee and 3 years consecutively no.1 in paxs commendation. Her expertise ranges from personality development to food handling, customer service. From cabin crew training to aircraft familiarization, emergency equipment & emergency procedures.

Connie Corpuz
Commissary Audit

Connie is responsible in ensuring that our production plant and commissary is in order, promoting adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Connie, is a Chemist by profession and has had extensive experience as a Quality Assurance Manager for some of the well-known globally aligned FMCGs here in the Philippines.

Along with Tapa King’s growing number of branches in the Philippines, Julius likewise paved the way in bringing the Tapa King brand globally. But, along with this international dream, he designed a new business model bringing Tapa King closer to grassroots level as Budget Tapa King comes to life.

Now in Singapore and Dubai, and soon in Canada and United States, Tapa King is true to its commitment in bringing the classic
Filipino favourite comfort food to everyone in the world.

Quality Rules!

Tapa King, Inc. maintains a government compliant production plant and commissary located at the Laguna Technopark.

Everything processed in the commissary is properly handled, packaged and stored with the right temperatures and equipment, ensuring the products delivered to each and every Tapa King outlet meet the highest standard of quality and freshness.

Deliciously new refreshed stores!

More than just clean and comfortable, the new Tapa King restaurants are now modern, upbeat and polished. As you step in, a fun atmosphere created by colorful wall art and appetizing menu decors greet you. The whole vibe of the refreshed stores extends to the warm greetings and genuine happiness of the crew.

Tapa King around the World!

As the global Pinoy conquers the world, Tapa King will be there wherever he goes. Our growth goes beyond the boundaries of the Philippines to more and more international spaces. Tapa King is now in Singapore and Dubai. Soon in Canada and USA.