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Hungry for Success? Be your own boss!

Why Franchise?

Franchise is built on self success


Become your own boss

If you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, Franchising is the best choice to discover and unveil your full potential.


Obtain Financial Freedom

Franchising gives you the opportunity to be supported by the Industry Experts while you move towards your financial goal.


Secure Self Actualization

Franchising enables you to transform to the boss you imagined yourself to be.


Stay Ahead

Whether you're a young entrepreneur, working professional or a retired citizen, Franchising offers you the opportunity to attain your financial goals and stay ahead.

Why franchising with Tapa King?


With Tapa King's 30-year track record in the food industry, Tapa King has successfully established itself as a strong and stable brand that has stood the test of time.


Tapa King's food processes in the commissary is properly handled, packaged and stored with it's state of the art equipment. We ensure that the products delivered to each and every Tapa King outlet meets the highest standard of quality and freshness.

Well-loved Brand

Tapa King is proud to be known as the first choice for home cooked meals and classic tapa meals among comfort food lovers.

Choosing the Tapa King franchise package that fits you

Full Scale

P800,000 Franchise Fee

Security Deposit   P400,000
Royalty Fee   6%
Franchise Terms   7 years
Minimum Floor Area   100sqm
Franchise Capex   4-6M

Food Court

P500,000 Franchise Fee

Security Deposit   P300,000
Royalty Fee   4%
Franchise Terms   5 years
Minimum Floor Area   20sqm
Franchise Capex   2-3M

BTK Diner

P550,000 Franchise Fee

Security Deposit   Waived
Royalty Fee   Waived
Franchise Terms   5 years
Minimum Floor Area   15sqm
Franchise Capex   Variable

BTK Kiosk

P650,000 All-in Full Franchise Package

Security Deposit   Waived
Royalty Fee   Waived
Franchise Terms   5 years
Minimum Floor Area   15sqm
Franchise Capex   Variable

Enjoy your

Tapa King Franchise Privilege

Stylized Feasibility Study Monitoring

Get started with you Tapa King business with the support of a dedicated Business Development Manager who will walk you through the whole process.

Access to Business Support System

Have acess to an efficient support system all throughout the franchise term. From HR, operations, marketing, commissary, training, research and development.

Become your own Boss

With the support of a dedicated Area Manager you will be empowered and guided to optimize the financial performance of your business, enabling you to reach your profit goals.